Are You A Feminist?

Finally, official confirmation.  I am a feminist.

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sursumursa asked:
*endearing face* Wait, they don't do endearing faces in noir, do they? Rats.

(Original post: Tag for all posts: #noirproject. sursumursa and I are birthday twins, which is how we met, and I’ve worked with her before—but this is all based on the public persona she puts out on her blog, and my own little noir embellishments.  I had to go really off the deep end here, because she already looks like a character out of Dashiell Hammett.  You guys should follow her, and watch all her webseries.  Particularly Plus Points, which I worked on!)

I’ll do a lot for a redhead with an endearing face.

I’m a sucker that way.

'Round the neighborhood there's a lady named Jill, and she's been in showbiz for a few years.  I'd seen her around, and trust me, I wanted to do more than see, but she's married.  And not showgirl-married, the real thing.

Clever lady, though.  She wasn’t just some chorus line floozy, she’s a serious performer.  Writing, too.  She’s great, except maybe a little too attached to puns.

But they got dirty theaters in this down, and I don’t mean they forget to wash the floors.

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limenmint asked:
If you have the time,would you write me up too? (M a twenty something girl)I have a tag-list labelled as V(Roman numeral) just above the description. Lastly, the tags below posts are the window to my soul :P I tried to make access as simple as possible , sorry if its too much! Have a great holiday! :)

(Original post: Tag for all posts: #noirproject. This one’s for limenmint, who you might want to follow if you like the vignette.)

There’s a universal rule in this man’s life that world-shaking investigation always demands my time during world-shaking hangovers.

My clients don’t want to wait, and if I’m asleep in bed while some mook is loading his gun to come after them…I don’t want that on my head.

At times like that, I can’t just roll into hair of the dog and hope for the best.

Instead, I need to go down to the Lime n’ Mint, a joint around the corner.  It’s a little out of place; desserts, cookies, tea.  The rest of the neighborhood doesn’t serve anything that didn’t spend time in a whiskey barrel or a deep fryer.

The place is real homey.  Looks like a french country house.  The walls have pictures of space—you know, the real pretty ones.  And on the shelves there’s all kinds of books about wizards.  I kinda like how little I fit in there.

Lime, the fair lady who owns the place, is one clever person.  I bet she could do a lot of things besides run a tea shop.  But she likes to learn about people, even the ho-hum people of a neighborhood that always busts on the craps table.  I like curious people.  They remind me of me, but smarter.

She serves a tea there that’s full of spices.  It’s got some foreign name I can’t even spell, and I bet I’d say something dumb about it anyway.

I know detective work, and I know that when I need to get some done, if I walk into Lime’s, all I need to do is look at her with bags under my eyes that could carry the weight of the world, and inside fifteen minutes I’m healthy as a horse.


This will help you write good.

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It’s hard to look stately when your baby is having a moment, but Prince William does alright.

I love them, omg. Look at the babby!

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tricksterbelle asked:
These noir vignettes sound fun. If you're still doing them, do you mind adding myself?

(Original post: Tag for all posts: #noirproject. tricksterbelle gets this one, which was largely inspired by how she seems to be one of those people giving Christianity a good name.  Check out her blog, her art, and her video series.  Follow her!  Be excellent to each other.)

The dark brick city is no place for a Christian.

Most of the gutter rats, hookers, barflies, and scumbags that I’m friends with had some run in with that religion back in their childhood and they never looked back.

That’s before Belle and her husband came to town.  They changed a lot of people’s heads on the subject.

See, here in this sewer full of human refuse like me, people were used to being cast out.  We’re the Romans and moneychangers of the underworld.  There’s no place for us in the megachurches or the megabanks.

But not to Belle and her husband.

It started as a weekender volunteer program for them.  They’re creatives, they make videos and art.  Why do we end up surrounded by so many of those?  It sure as hell ain’t the quality of life here.

They were just doing something for their church.  But they weren’t the same.  They didn’t shower people with judgment from on high.  They touched the untouchables.  They talked to the ignored.  They did all the stuff that’s in the prayer books but that no one listens to.

Now they live here.  They don’t shoot nerd videos anymore, they shoot videos of the real hardness of our lives.  And then they mix nerdity and religion in and bring the message to people who forgot we exist.

They’re a ray of light in a blackout.

They take in people who have nowhere else to run.  And often, they pass those people to me as clients.  Sometimes, they foot the bill.

Those are good Christians.  And it doesn’t hurt that they give me steady business.

Brief reminder: the “Submission” feature of tumblr is for people to send in stuff they think I’d like to publish.

It is not for people from countries that murdered almost all their Jews to send me hateful bullshit that they can’t drop anonymously into my ask because I’ve got anon turned off.

It is not for people who don’t know the first thing about me to send in rants about how terrible I am.

Go be an asshole on your own time.

I delete these sorts of messages, and I don’t respond.  Particularly if they include phrases like “beta male,” “politically correct,” and implications that when I talk about my life, I don’t know what I’m talking about.

But remember: when you do that, tumblr gives me your email address.  Repeat offenders will get signed up for mailing lists about how to be a better person* :P

*I probably won’t make good on this threat, because most of these brain donors aren’t worth the time.  I’ve got nice people to spend my time on.

For Pro-Choice Jews



How has Judaism influenced your position on the abortion debate, if at all?

it influenced my personal ideas (ie whether i would get an abortion if i found myself with an unwanted pregnancy) - well, sort of. i’ve always been pro-choice, but i guess if judaism were

My views on being pro-choice have more influenced my Judaism than the other way around.

Knowing in my heart that there is no humanity to a week-old blastocyst, and then seeing that very idea in the 2000 year-old Mishnah and in the 3500 year-old Torah really does a lot to make me feel like even in one of the darkest times for humanity, whoever wrote the Torah had an understanding of humanism and science, and would never let a mother’s real life be more important than an unborn proto-life.

That’s been pretty faith-affirming.

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