"She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid."

Star Wars fan Bill Deacon transformed his 1974 Chevy Malibu into a street-legal replica of the Millennium Falcon. The road vehicle-turned-spacecraft features all sorts of great details, including HANCHWY vanity plates and a field of streaking stars around the ship’s bow on the hood and front bumper. But our favorite feature is the cockpit mounted in place of the right starboard side-view mirror that contains Han Solo and Chewbacca action figures.

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This is just too much.

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I guess we can uh…put our knowledge…in you?
I’m not comfortable what this t-shirt is turning me into.

What, a nootropic?
I’m…actually surprisingly OK with that implication. Huh.

Fine, I’m a nootropic :P  And so are you.



I guess we can uh…put our knowledge…in you?

I’m not comfortable what this t-shirt is turning me into.

What, a nootropic?

I’m…actually surprisingly OK with that implication. Huh.

Fine, I’m a nootropic :P  And so are you.

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tricksterbelle asked:
These noir vignettes sound fun. If you're still doing them, do you mind adding myself?



(Original post: Tag for all posts: #noirproject. tricksterbelle gets this one, which was largely inspired by how she seems to be one of those people giving Christianity a good name.  Check out her blog, her art, and her video series.  Follow her!  Be excellent to each other.)

The dark brick city is no place for a Christian.

Most of the gutter rats, hookers, barflies, and scumbags that I’m friends with had some run in with that religion back in their childhood and they never looked back.

That’s before Belle and her husband came to town.  They changed a lot of people’s heads on the subject.

See, here in this sewer full of human refuse like me, people were used to being cast out.  We’re the Romans and moneychangers of the underworld.  There’s no place for us in the megachurches or the megabanks.

But not to Belle and her husband.

It started as a weekender volunteer program for them.  They’re creatives, they make videos and art.  Why do we end up surrounded by so many of those?  It sure as hell ain’t the quality of life here.

They were just doing something for their church.  But they weren’t the same.  They didn’t shower people with judgment from on high.  They touched the untouchables.  They talked to the ignored.  They did all the stuff that’s in the prayer books but that no one listens to.

Now they live here.  They don’t shoot nerd videos anymore, they shoot videos of the real hardness of our lives.  And then they mix nerdity and religion in and bring the message to people who forgot we exist.

They’re a ray of light in a blackout.

They take in people who have nowhere else to run.  And often, they pass those people to me as clients.  Sometimes, they foot the bill.

Those are good Christians.  And it doesn’t hurt that they give me steady business.

Daww, these are the coolest! & thank you very much. :D

I’m glad you enjoyed it!  Thanks for letting me peer into your life :)

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The Wheel of Time Nominated for a Hugo Award

Brandon Sanderson’s thoughts on the Wheel of Time being nominated are worth reading.

I don’t buy the whole “serial fiction was meant to be nominated” thing, though.

Sure, serialized novels have been nominated.  Even the multivolume book Blackout/All Clear won.

But Lois McMaster Bujold has won four times, and each time for individual novels within a series.  Why not just nominate the whole Miles Vorkosigan series?

Even Harry Potter only won for ONE of its books.

The Hugos are supposed to be about fiction published within one year.  Wheel of Time is a multiauthor work spanning over a decade of time in terms of publication dates.

None of the other books won in the past, and maybe they deserved to.  But the other authors on that list didn’t have 10+ years to build up their novels, they had one, and I don’t think that’s very fair to them to be up against a behemoth like WoT.

I’d support a category for overarching multi-year series, though, where eligibility is based on the year of publication of the final book.  There are many series that rise above individual novels, for that matter, and would do well in such a category where they might not do well in the novel category.

More of the 1990s.

It’s the 90s.

Whatever that means.

Today I decided to make #judaica out of labware. #lab #science #judaism. Full photoset and tutorial on my blog tomorrowish.

Today I decided to make #judaica out of labware. #lab #science #judaism. Full photoset and tutorial on my blog tomorrowish.

Recent Fiction by Me

There’s been a lot.  Here’s a rundown:

  • "When This Peace Thing Blows Over," in Strange Bedfellows from Bundoran Press:

          A story of female soldiers serving in an interplanetary war.

          Buy on: Amazon. Barnes and Noble. Publisher’s website.

  • "Sixty Thousand Dollars Per Hour," in The Future Embodied from Simian Publishing:

           A homeless diabetic Hawaiian teen’s scam to get stem cell care.

           Buy on: Kindle.  Smashwords (other formats). 

           Print edition coming soon!

A series of 5 small vignettes. Similar to the #noirproject vignettes.


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belphegor1982 asked:
Hi! I would love a noir vignette based on my blog, if it's still possible :o) You're free to use personal posts (generally tagged as "personal stuff" and/or "Bel's adventures in the real world"), as long as they're not death-related. Take all the time you need, and it's okay if you eventually do not do it - I don't fancy myself as a particularly interesting person :-/



(Original post: Tag for all posts: #noirproject.  belphegor1982 is from France, and runs a fun little blog full of nerdery.  Check it out!)

The docks are a interesting place.  They’re a crossroads for everything you want, and everything you don’t.

It’s a commercial dock, not the kind of place where you expect to find personal sport craft.  But there’s fishing boats, too.  And fishing boats are sometimes owned by interesting people.

There’s a boat out there that’s called La Belle.  It’s an old longliner, but it’s been done up with all kinds of geeky references.  One of the strangest looking boats I’ve ever seen.  The decks look like cobblestone roads, there’s comic book characters painted on the bow…really out of place in a part of town where the main paint color is rust.

The ship blew in on a west wind like a little piece of paradise, a small chunk of creative France that broke off and found its way to our harbor.  A dream from another world.

It’s run by a lady I like to call The Frenchie.  She’s a writer on the weekends and she’s out fishing during the week.  I come by every once in awhile for a fresh sashimi-grade tuna cut.  One of my vices.

I also come by because writers keep their eyes peeled.  She sees things, and remembers them, and nobody guesses she’s my source, somehow.  That’s why I’m only using my nickname for her here.  Don’t want to get her killed.

Plus, her accent gets me going.  But I hear she’s got a squeeze already, so all I can do is dream.

It’s nice to dream, sometimes.

This is absolutely wonderful! This is such a lovely, evocative vignette - wow. I really, really adore it, how you took elements here and there and wove them into a story which feels part of a larger context!

Thank you so, so much :o)

My pleasure :)  I’m glad you liked it!

It’s a fine little universe these vignettes are turning into.  I might do something with that.

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Faucher Lab at McGill

Cool and bizarre at the same time: this bacterial pathogenesis lab (i.e. “how do bacteria make us sick” lab) has decided to include a line by me on the “quotes” tab of its lab page.

They’ve put me at the top, in this order:

  • John Skylar
  • Louis Pasteur
  • Isaac Asimov

UM.  How did I get put at the top of a list that includes two of my major heroes?


When It’s Okay to Tell Women What to Do



goodbye followers who hate pit hair


I’ve noticed that a lot of men don’t understand when it’s okay for them to tell women how to behave, dress, or act.

"Armpit hair is gross," "shave your legs every day," and the like. 

It turns out, I am a qualified expert on this topic!

Therefore, I thought I’d share. 

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Oh, and apparently this was my 2500th post.  Neat.

On the off chance you missed this yesterday, here it is again, since people seem to really like it.

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