Hunh.  I seem to have gotten a pretty clean draft of the first 10,000 words of my novel.  That’s…a thing.


johnskylar no I don’t like threesomes. Always end in tears.

Tbh, I agree with you.

I think I’m going to have to write some more about Ebola virus, given how the petulant and crazy Michael Osterholm has been stirring the pot again.

11 Questions From Dromeda


11 Questions From Dromeda
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As usual, my policy is that I fill these things out but I don’t perpetuate them.  So here are my answers, dromeda!

1. What does your ideal house look like? What role does it play for you?

Victorian-style, with a tower that has a brass telescope in the highest floor.  The inside is decorated along a theme that mostly focuses on red, brown, and gold.  There are some art deco touches here and there.  There’s a workshop garage.  There’s a large, open floorplan living space and then a master bedroom, guest room, and office for writing.

Out back, there is a yard, a treehouse, and a secret missile silo lair where hundreds of child prodigies work on my plan to take over the habitable planets of the solar—I’ve said too much!

2. If you had to pick one science, which one would be your favorite?

There isn’t more than one science.  I pick science.

3. Which future technology are you looking forward to the most?

Teleportation.  Specifically to deliver babies and do other surgeries.

4. How do you flirt with people? (if you’re not a flirty sort, how do you interact with new people?)

I try to make them feel interesting, and then I make it funny (but not in a too-mean way), and then I try to make them feel interesting again.

5. What design style do you like the most? (Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Mission, etc.)

Art deco.

6. What movie would you watch over and over and over again?

The Empire Strikes Back.  Or maybe Jeux d’Enfants.

7. How do you take care of yourself?

Not very well.

8. What is your attitude towards getting dressed up?

Depends on what I’m getting dressed up for.  If it’s something that’s a fun period-piece type party, I’m all there.

9. How do you resolve independence of spirit with the compromises necessary for maintaining a society? (“you do you” vs “creating safe spaces/trigger warnings/etc”)

I create based on feeling, then revise based on a (hopefully accurate) vision of who I’m okay with my work upsetting.

10. What relaxes you when you’re stressed?


11. What fictional would you most like to live in?

Riverworld sounded pretty cool.

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'course there is.  Starting with sursumursa and the-oxford-english-fangeek, since I’ve worked with them in internetspace, but there are so many others.  I’m really fond of loads of people on here, both some I follow and some I don’t.

'course there is.  Starting with sursumursa and the-oxford-english-fangeek, since I’ve worked with them in internetspace, but there are so many others.  I’m really fond of loads of people on here, both some I follow and some I don’t.

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Francia e Africa: problemi di finanziamento per la ricerca · Global Voices in Italiano

So apparently a quote from my Mashable op-ed from a year ago got translated into Italian and put up in this article?  That’s pretty cool.

The Boycott of South African Jewry Begins



Last month, I noted statements by a prominent South African official calling for a boycott of the South African Jewish community (through its umbrella organization, the South African Board of Jewish Deputies). Today, we see that boycott begin in earnest,…

Wait you mean there are people who hate other people in SOUTH AFRICA?

I, for one, am shocked.

Seriously though, BDS is a pack of rabid anti-Semites who give zero fucks about the Palestinians except where it means they get to hate Jews harder.

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It’s okay kitten, I too have been that drunk


infomercial kitten.

why is no-one willing to sell him a special kitten straw for $19.95


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When I hear an atheist say he is a libertarian, I know he’s given absolutely no thought to it other than the fact that he likes the sound of no foreign wars and no drug laws. The aphorism that libertarians are Republicans with bongs is just about spot-on. Thinking Ron Paul is a genius because he’s anti-war and anti-drug laws is like thinking a Big Mac is good for you because it has lettuce and a pickle.


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